About Oopsie Daisies™

“I’ve never had to tell anyone this before…you have a brain tumor.” Pacing, muttering and head scratching followed. Not what I expected to hear or the behavior I expected from a doctor. “It’ll be okay. Really, it’ll be fine” I reassured him. He looked at me skeptically, smiled sadly and shook his head. I actually felt bad about ruining his day.

When I returned to work following my surgery a couple of months later, I was greeted with a poster of Wonder Woman with my face superimposed on the super heroine’s body. Kind words and good wishes from my colleagues surrounded the image. Everyone felt I must have had super human healing powers to recover so completely and so quickly. I left the poster hanging on my office wall for several months as a reminder of my good health and good friends. Then, I started to think about all the people who struggle with illnesses and injuries.

“Wouldn’t it be great,” I thought, “If everyone who was faced with health problems could feel like super heroes? They could conjure up whatever super power they needed on any given day. ‘Today I could use some courage or strength or perseverance or maybe just some hope.’ “

The seed for Oopsie Daisies™ was planted.  Now, the youngest patients can feel the courage of a superhero, the strength of a dinosaur or the magic of a princess with bright, warm, cozy hospital gowns that include a soft fleece cape that detaches to become a comforting blanket. Older kids and adults can conjure up the powers of hope, perseverance and fearlessness when they put on their Oopsie Daisies™ gown.

I can’t explain why I knew I would recover completely, but I never had a doubt. Others need a gentle reminder to help them remember regardless of how sick they are, we all have super hero powers! Oopsie Daisies™ is hospital apparel designed to empower and encourage patients towards optimal health.


 For more information about Molly Risak, creator of Oopsie Daisies.

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